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Strategies to increase product sustainability by Selective Laser Melting

Strategies to increase product sustainability by Selective Laser Melting

Jahr:  2020
Förderung:  Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture
Supervisor:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Lachmayer

Dr. Iryna Mozgova

Projekt ID:12
Location:Leibniz Universität Hannover, Institut für Produktentwicklung und Gerätebau (IPeG)  


In this project, the potential of the industrial production of metallic components using Selective Laser Melting (SLM) as an Additive Manufacturing process is to be analysed with regard to ecological sustainability - defined by energy consumption over the product life cycle. The conditions under which SLM is more sustainable than existing conventional processes will be specified. This project focuses on functionalized structural components. The aim is to provide product design and quality engineers with a set of rules and to show potentials for improvements in sustainability.


The central objective of this project is to investigate the sustainability of the SLM process in comparison to conventional manufacturing processes such as casting and machining.
In the course of project component-based and process-based influencing factors on process sustainability are determined and normalized. Based on this an evaluation system will be developed and validated using prototype components in a series of experiments. Utilizing the developed evaluation system a general model for the analysis of the sustainability of SLM technology will be created and an action strategy will be derived.