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Biomedical engineering and lightweight construction

The research focus for the Biomedical engineering and lightweight construction research group are magnesium and aluminum. Particularly, their casting, rolling, and extrusion processes. The casting techniques investigated here include the development of aluminum and magnesium alloys as well as the production of semi-finished products to be further processed via extrusion technology.
In addition to the optimization of the mechanical characteristics when developing new alloys, the department focuses on the production of biocompatible magnesium alloys and magnesium alloys with sensory properties. The influence of material deformation on the properties of the alloys is investigated by means of extrusion or rolling. For this, the mechanical properties as well as the microstructure before and after the processes are of particular interest. For example, the microstructure development of aluminum alloys is particularly studied during the production of solid and hollow profiles by means of extrusion, where both, longitudinal and transverse weld seams are created. Moreover, the production of composite structures merging the properties of different materials is also studied using the above-mentioned methods.
Starting 2001, a high-speed test stand to investigate the deformability of thin metal sheets at high forming speeds was made available.  In addition to basic material research, the department also deals with research topics from industry partners. For example, the development of intramedullary nails, wires, and stents made of resorbable magnesium alloys or the non-destructive testing of extruded components.

The biomedical engineering group of the IW represented the Leibniz Universität Hannover in an international video campaign with a contribution on magnesium sponge implants (2017):

The Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research, CESAER, is an association of the best 51 universities of science and technology in Europe, including the Leibniz Universität Hannover. Recently, they have launched the Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Arts and Mathematics learning campaign: steAAAm it! As part of this campaign, an exciting research topic is presented once a week on a video in their Youtube channel.

The LUH was represented with a video about the DFG-funded project "Development of suitable sponge structures and coating systems for magnesium-based implants as a bioresorbable bone substitute material". This project is a collaboration between three research institutes: The Institute of Materials Science and the Institute of Continuum Mechanics of the LUH and the Surgical and Gynecological Small Animal Clinic of the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich.

All Videos will be uploadet to the CESAER Youtube channel.