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Lichtbogenschweißen von Titanlegierungen

Arc Welding of Titanium-Alloys

Year:  2018
Date:  31-12-21
Duration:  01.01.2018 bis 31.12.2021

Focus of sub-project B6 is the development of repair methods for compressor blisks made from titanium alloys based on arc processes. Quality maintaining regeneration is achieved by the combination of flux effects and application of seeding agents as well as by controlled additive build-up of structures. To enhance the functional properties of blade regions that were regenerated and/or are subject to erosion, a localized surface nitriding using a plasma arc process is part of investigations. Besides practical welding tests, work programme includes structural analysis, measurement of hardness and residual stresses, fatigue evaluation and the implications of observed material properties on the expected service life of regenerated blisks.