ResearchBeendete Projekte
Dynamische Magnet-Datenspeicherung auf thermisch gespritzten Schichten

Dynamic magnetic-data storage on thermal sprayed layers

Year:  2018
Funding:  DFG
Duration:  01/2017-12/2019

The aim of the project is the manufacturing and characterisation of thermal sprayed layers with magnetic properties to store data dynamically on the component’s surface. It will be examined if the field of application of established coating systems, such as hard coatings or corrosion protection (e.g. WCCo(Cr)), can be extended to magnetically store data. Additionally, the ferrimagnetic maghemite (ɣ-Fe2O3), which is not used as a spray material yet, should be examined as an alternative for thermal spray coatings. Based on these results, the next step of the project is the understanding and quantification of the magnetic properties of the manufactured thermal spray coatings.