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School for Additive Manufacturing (SAM): New doctoral program at the PZH

School for Additive Manufacturing (SAM): New doctoral program at the PZH

For the program, which was conceived by the Institute for Materials Science at the PZH and is now also located there, a total of 15 doctoral students are going to be supported with a three-year scholarship, which is financed by funds of the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony.

SAM, which in its entirety is called the "School for Additive Manufacturing (SAM) - Sensors and Actuators by Additive Manufacturing of Graded Components", is concerned with the further development of additively manufactured components in such a way that they no longer only fulfill structural-mechanical tasks, but at the same time also have sensory or actuator properties.

The basis for this is the processing of so-called graded multi-materials. The technologies developed in SAM could be used, for example, for adaptive prostheses and self-optimizing dampers in vehicle construction or for component identification and communication in the context of industry 4.0 - including counterfeit protection.

SAM is one of five doctoral programs approved for Leibniz Universität in October. They are part of the Lower Saxony doctoral program, which is advertised every two to three years and is intended to offer doctoral students excellent conditions through a structured orientation and excellent supervision.

Beyond the end of the planned funding period, it is planned to continue this structured supervision of doctoral students in the field of additive manufacturing within the framework of a graduate school in the PhoenixD excellence cluster.

Are you interested? If you have any questions about the course of the program or the requirements for an application, please contact the senior engineer of the Institute of Materials Science, Florian Nürnberger.