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03. Jun. 2024 04. Jun. 2024
Working group

Industry Forum “Werkzeuge”

In the Industry Forum “Werkzeuge”, we research the interactions along the tool manufacturing process chain in close cooperation with companies. From the findings in the areas of development, production and application of cutting tools, we generate practical recommendations for action. Member companies of the forum can optimize their processes individually on this basis.

The target group is all companies involved in machining and the process chain for manufacturing cutting tools. An informal written application is sufficient for participation in the Industry Forum “Werkzeuge”. This will be voted on at the following member seminar. Member seminars are held every six months.


03. Jun. 2024 04. Jun. 2024

Contact Name

Marita Murrenhoff
Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools – IFW
An der Universität 2
30823 Garbsen
Tel.: +49 (0) 511 762 18348


Hannover Centre for Production Technology - PZH
An der Universität 2
30823 Garbsen